Understanding the National Trust Clash

Picture a big disagreement at the National Trust, a group that takes care of old places in the UK. Nigel Farage, a well-known person, is causing a stir, saying the National Trust is too focused on certain things. This has started a fight involving a group called Restore Trust. Let’s break down what’s happening.

Farage and Restore Trust

Nigel Farage, who used to lead the Brexit Party, is teaming up with Restore Trust, a group that isn’t happy with the National Trust. On a TV show, Farage talked to Cornelia van der Poll, the leader of Restore Trust. Both feel the National Trust is getting too involved in certain topics, and they want to change that.

Who is Restore Trust?

Restore Trust is a group pushing for changes at the National Trust. It’s like a team with a mission to make sure the National Trust stays true to its original goals. They think the National Trust has become too focused on being “woke” and “politically correct.”

The Familiar Faces

The people behind Restore Trust have done this kind of thing before. They have a history of trying to change things they don’t agree with. This includes a past battle against the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), a big media organization. They were part of a plan to cut funding and support for the BBC.

The Anti-BBC Group

The same people who are now causing trouble were once against the BBC. This group wanted to reduce the BBC’s influence and support, thinking it was a threat. They were linked to think-tanks like the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and certain newspapers with a right-leaning perspective.

Meet Neil Record

One of the key players in Restore Trust is Neil Record, a finance expert. He was part of the group that didn’t agree with the BBC before. Now, he’s taking on the National Trust. Record is known for his involvement in finance and supporting groups skeptical about climate change.


These troublemakers are called “pluto-populists.” They usually come from the world of finance, like hedge funds or big businesses. They have strong connections in politics and use their money and influence to make changes based on their beliefs.

Restore Trust’s Young Director

The person leading Restore Trust, Zewditu Gebreyohanes, is quite young but has a history of working with influential people and organizations. Before Restore Trust, she worked with well-known figures and right-leaning think-tanks. She’s also part of other groups linked to the media.

The Big Question

Why are these groups spending so much time and effort trying to shake things up? The National Trust is a huge organization, with millions of members. It’s popular and has a strong influence on environmental and conservation matters. They’re even looking into the history of their properties regarding slavery and colonialism. So, the big question is, why is the right side putting so much effort into this cultural battle?

In summary, a clash is happening at the National Trust, with Nigel Farage and a group called Restore Trust leading the charge. They think the National Trust has shifted its focus in ways they don’t like. It’s part of a bigger pattern where these troublemakers have a history of going after organizations they disagree with.